Vega sexy


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  1. Brabar
    Brabar 2 years ago

    Not a very accurate tutorial. Tutorial assumes that the people involved don't know what they're doing, and there's no way a very first time would do down like this. There has to be at least 2 incidents where the lady runs to the bathroom vowing she has to poo, and doesn't, and also a duo ok STOP STOP STOP go slow SLOWER ok take it out TAKE IT OUT! before it's legit. This lady looks broken-in to the point I would be astonished if she has utter manage of her bowels.

  2. Kigadal 2 years ago

    Gawdam those tits tho hmm

  3. Faet
    Faet 2 years ago

    Reply mami. I want to meet you and see how sweet you are. I call bullshit on you but I hope you prove me wrong. I'm in New haven and ready if you are. Down for whatever and when im done you'll be down for the count. Call my bluff. Message me your number if you want to swap pics. I know you'll like what you see. Hope to hear from you soon.

  4. Kegami
    Kegami 2 years ago

    his butt is the only thing i dont like

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