Dominica masturbation


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  1. JoJozahn 2 years ago

    Is this guy like on his deathbed with terminal cancer or something? I think he wants to stir the pot and what best way to do that then to ruin the life of his ex’s husband? Either because they find out he wrote the letter or he does die and causes a problem in their marriage.

  2. Tasar
    Tasar 2 years ago

    A what?

  3. Fekazahn 2 years ago

    why can't people daydream about stuff they wouldn't truly do? Are you gonna tell me you have never observed a movie where people shoot guns and get killed and been excited? Never observed an act movie or a horror film? People can get excited by things they wouldn't necessarily do in real life. Get bigger the fuck up.

  4. Telkis
    Telkis 2 years ago

    The burrnnnnn

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